Microfiche Text

Titles and advertisement texts from the month of January leading up to Presidential Inaugurations from TIME & NEWSWEEK 

Bill Clinton:


Jan 25, 1993

Stand and deliver: with tough choices at home and a dangerous world abroad Bill Clinton takes charge.

His seven most urgent decisions

You earned it. You should keep it.

Ready or not

What you can do for your president

A spanking for Saddam

Sometimes it takes a cowboy

Hard work pays off


Jan 18, 1993

Aids and the arts

A lost generation

Requiem for a revolution

Computers that do practically everything

And you thought the campaign was long

Not so bad for a president

A poor excuse for poverty solutions

First ladyhood

Jan 25, 1993

The Age of Clinton: the commemorative issue

“This is our Time. Let us embrace it. There is nothing wrong with America that can’t be cured by what is right with America”

Party animal

Innocent abroad

Solemn oaths

The world is thirsty for change

George Bush Sr:


Jan 16, 1989


When I say sharp I mean business (Trump)

Chemical reaction

The longest reign

Battle for the future

Operating in danger zones

We couldn’t print this if it weren’t true

Jan 16, 1989

The silver fox

Going home a winner

We couldn’t print this if it weren’t true

Fortunately a lot more than the seeds of a revolution were planted here

It’s not just a car: it’s your freedom

Fueling up a brawl


Bigots in the ivory tower

Talk is better for your kids than drugs

Jan 30, 1989

The Bush era begins

Call your doctor

We couldn’t print this if it wasn’t true

A new breeze is blowing

Maximum performance for minimum money

The gipper says goodbye

Running as his own man

How to block a killer’s path

A despairing assault on terminal evil


Jan 16, 1989

Chemical warfare

You get what you pay for

Showdown with Libya

Good Kill! Good Kill!

Death of an emperor

The winds of death

Bush pays budget chicken

The liberation of George Bush

Making a home in the White House

Cashing in on Vietnam

A tide of drug killing

Ronald Reagan:


Jan 5, 1981

Man of the year (Reagan)

Wang. The future of the office

Apple Computer Inc.

Some say the answer is oil exploration some say the answer is conservation. For once, everybody is right.

A first lady of priorities and properties

She wore a yellow ribbon

Leaving 1980 on a upbeat

The shock of the new

Clearing the nation’s air

Wow. Sports updates every 30 minutes!


Out there in the money jungle someone has to have the edge

Jan 12, 1981

Aiming high in 81’

Golden light. You really know you’re smoking

Behind this mask lurks a philatelist

We want you to design our future

Hire a brain.

Sculpture’s queen bee

Jan 19, 1981

Reagan’s biggest challenge: mending the economy

GAS: More today. More tomorrow.

When you’re #1 they watch you like a hawk

Riding into the sunrise

Telemarketing 14 million billion connections to greater productivity

New day for the CIA?


Jan 5, 1981

The new mafia

Your life $4.95

It’s OK America

Managing chemical waste

High tar’s finish second to merit!

How the mob really works

Have interest rates peaked?

Christmas held hostage

Moscow’s time of troubles

We want you to design our futures

IBM’s newest small computer costs less than $13, 500. Can you spare an hour for a demonstration?

How to borrow $50,000

Jan 12, 1981

The making of a cabinet

The red badge of terror

The sergeant dictator

The great Goldie rush

Reagan’s Nuclear Reaction

4 biased double standard

Gangs of Chicago 1981

The Coolest taste around C’mon Up! (Kool)

We’re getting great pictures back from voyager

Reagan’s Mexican Overture

Eric Flaxenburg got a computer and took a giant step backward

“I am prepared to die”

Bad tidings for big labor

A strong dollar’s damage

GAS: a renewable resource

Salem Ultra

Goodbye frustration

Umph/ Triumph 3mg Tar

Jan 19, 1981

The Economy Crisis: Why it’s out of control. How to fix it.

Marlboro Country

Big is beautiful (TV)

Van Heusen Century Shirts won’t wrinkle ever! (picture of Reagan)

Fleeting moments frozen in time

Frankie & Ronnie

Defense: the hard choices

Another “liberation” army

The pleasure is back. Barclay 99% tar free

Tales of the Carter years

The U.S economy in crisis

Reagan’s battle of the budget

At long last James Brady

Jimmy Carter:


Jan 20, 1977

America’s mood hopeful- Sort of

Now only 1mg “Tar”

Wow! 5 Cents

This wreck isn’t dead yet, Armco can give it many more lives

Behold the power of Woman!

Mercedes-Benz presents a singular new achievement

Lucky 100’s are the lowest in Tar!

Mobil showcase presents TEN who dared

No place to go but up

Cautious optimism

The army can help your son or daughter save $8,100for college over the next three years

How come I enjoy smoking and you don’t?

Carter’s plan: criticized but flexible  

Virginia Slims

Jan 31, 1977

Don’t ask me why I smoke… Ask me why I smoke Winston Longs

Waltzing into office

It’s just citizen Ford now


Jan 10, 1977

Too much law?

An expert tells you how to get back in shape


First, a word of caution

Hubert’s last march?

Benson & Hedges

The Russian bear redux

Will there come a time when it’s just too costly to save a life?

sweet/ sour

Jan 17, 1977

Kings of the hill

Merit 100’s

Read this and cry

Press lord captures gotham

A boost, but a moderate one

Pan Am’s got the longest legs in the business

We can’t wait for tomorrow.

Jan 24, 1977

Now it begins

Is this the pharaoh of the exodus

The power people

A terrorist crossfire

Ford’s last days

Gerald Ford:


Jan 14, 1974

No respite in the Western white house

Out listening to the people

Our new menthol is a lemon

If your car isn’t popular new it certainly won’t be popular used


After the boom, a siege of uncertainty

Keep America Beautiful

Jan 21, 1974

Here’s how you can sponsor a needy child.

Energy crunch real or phony?

We just spent three months profits in one morning

Cut your tar in half; Lucky ten.

Awaiting the next round in Watergate

The future always arrives a little before you’re ready to give up the present

Halt who flies there?

When is a house not a home?

Man does not live by bread alone McDonald’s quarter-pounder the sandwich where the meat really takes over.

Winning peace and prosperity

A civilized car for an uncivilized world

Now the beauty and glory of America’s natural treasures are yours to enjoy as never before.

Dylan once again; it’s alright Ma

Start something with your wife; a joint savings account

Jan 28, 1974

A telltape deepens Nixon’s dilemma

Marlboro country

Lowest in tar in all menthol 100’s

She thought somebody cared


Jan 14, 1974

Dylan rolling again

Energy- no shortage of suspicions

Giants live here

A few reasons why we can’t possibly rest on our laurels

Jan 21, 1974

Inside Nixon’s whitehouse

Oil: a real peril… and why it may vanish…

Share your wealth

There’s a lot of good between “winston” and should

After we put them together we really tear them apart

Kissinger tries to grease the wheels

Bottom line spoken here

Discover more gas for America right in your own home

T.V. laughing all the way

Inflation the other crisis

Oil: playing the numbers game

We’d like you to know: Today, nuclear power supplies 50% of America’s electricity- Tomorrow it could be 50%. We need to reach this goal as soon as possible.

Backdating Nixon’s dead

Jan 21-28 1974

George P. Shultz challenges America to greater productivity

How the tape sleuths do it

An open letter to the Vice President Ford

No one else has it

Probing the telltale tape

Welcome home Mr. Vice President

Relieve the fuel shortage (buy their car)

Richard Nixon:


Jan 10, 1969

Senator Edward Kennedy

Will electric heat be #1 before long?

The new attack on Keynesian Economics

Upheaval on the hill

The ascent of Ted Kennedy

Xerox is for when you want to spread the word fast

Jan 27, 1969

To heal a nation

Nixon’s Message “Let us Gather the Light”

As one President to another; can you profit from my experience?

How come your neighbor can afford the orient and you can’t? He dipped this TIA coupon, Why don’t you?

What the government can do

When fireman Pennington opened this hydrant six years ago all he got was mud.

What is holding us back?

What the individual can do

This man helped shrink the cost of data processing by shrinking the size of computer circuits

Washington’s challenge to IBM


Jan 6, 1969

Apollo Triumph

Into the universe

Alaska’s Black Gold Rush

What Nixon can expect from the 91st

Will Electric heat by #1 before too long?

Middle East: that is the war that is.

Did you ever try to tear out a television commercial?

The other computer company. Honeywell

Jan 20, 1969

Don’t send a man to a public office and then forget him. Write him now and then.

Jan 27, 1969

Behind every “I do” lurks a “Can I?”

“Let us… Go forward together.”

Lyndon Johnson’s last hurrah

This year be a name dropper

LBJ and his critics

All brides aren’t beautiful

He was born with a credit card in his mouth

Nixon and the new bourgeoisie

Lyndon B. Johnson:


Jan 7, 1963

The Eurocrats

Living a moment of terror

Jan 14, 1963


The 88th congress what will JFK get?

How much leadership is too much?

Congo victory and a new set of problems

Jan 21, 1963

Walter Wippmann on Kennedy

JFK: A tax cut and a strong tide

Enter like a lady (car advertisement)

The communist focus on Berlin

John F. Kennedy:


Jan 20, 1961

Once in a blue moon man says no to nature

Jan 2, 1961

Men of the Year: Scientists

The Seeds of Hope are sown by many hands

Exploring Inner space

Dwight D. Eisenhower:


Jan 5, 1953

White House Pillars

Is a Depression Coming?