This place, Animation, 2016

“I make work to look at structures of knowing. I am curious about the experience of intense observation and the effects upon both the subject and object under investigation. I am drawn to processes that are revealed by their inability to fulfill themselves.” –Anne Macmillan

Boxes for Rocks, Anne Macmillan, 2012, (Cardboard, rocks, shelving unit). 



Glenn Ligon, Untitled (Malcolm X), 2008 Pencil, Acrylic and flash on paper mounted on panel

Glenn Ligon, “There’s a kind of slowness and inefficiency about rendering text in paint. We’re in a world that’s very fast, so things that slow you for a minute-give you pause- are good.”



Eva Hesse, Expanded Expansion, 1969 (Fiberglass, polyester resin, latex, and cheesecloth)

“Life doesn’t last; art doesn’t last. It doesn’t matter.”

-Eva Hesse

1970, photo offset on 10 notecards, manila envelope, 5 x 8 inches each
1970, photo offset on 10 notecards, manila envelope, 5 x 8 inches each

Mel Bochner, “Misunderstandings (A Theory of Photography)” 1970

“I would like to see photography make people despise painting until something else will make photography unbearable.” – Marcel Duchamp

Ian Cheng, Metis Suns, 2014

“The history of cartoons is the history of neurological and cognitive sensitivity. Hyperbolic mouth, lips, and hands are an expression of a human’s most intensive neurological zones. Shifts in scale and movement are expressions of changes in psychosocial status and subconscious mindset. Here we simulate an evolving dance for cartoons familiar and ancient.”