Scattergood-Moore Artist Residency Week 3

Dana Hall School

Week 3

Jan 23


I spoke with Dana Hall’s media lab students about materiality and process today. We took a look at artists like Tara Donovan and Doris Salcedo and I worked with the students to make studies from microfiche, twist ties, and photographs to see their different approaches to the same materials.


Some beautiful small works…


Jan 24

Studio love.


Jan 26

Working with my microfiche text I made a series of drawings from the new text combinations. After drawing out a representational sketch of the microfiche object I started to use a cross-hatching mark to delineate the grid-like pattern of the individual pages printed on the film. The drawings became more abstract as I took the grid and texts, and turned them into photographs to warp the perception of both the drawing and text.

Distorted rethinking BW.jpg

Thinking of artists like Robert Barry who utilized minimal text in his installations and Joseph Kosuth who used text as the art object. Below is a study for abstracting the grid. 

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
Jan 27


Look who it is! Scattergood stopped by the gallery/ studio today.  With his forty years experience at Dana Hall he reminded me of the wonderful art mentors I’ve been lucky to have over the years. I found him to be quite the kindred spirit with our shared love of artists’ notebooks. I’m so grateful his vision led to a gallery for students and artists alike.



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