Scattergood Moore Artist-in-Residence

Dana Hall School

Week 1

Jan 4

In Dana Hall’s Gallery lay the wreckage from my first day in-Residence. Tools, geometric pyramids, cardboard, chopped up envelops, and black and white photos lay scattered about. Cut, glued, extracted, and abstracted projects begin as I contemplate how to turn found objects into art.

For an artist interested in materiality; my process begins with a hunt. Curiously, I unearthed the artistic resources at Dana Hall School expertly guided by Michael Frassinlini, head of the art department. He brings me to the Maker Space equipped with a lazor cutter, 3D printer, and all the tools. Excitedly, I observed the middle school’s Maker’s club trying out their new LED on/off switches.

The day ended with several boxes of microfiche films from TIME Magazine, U.S. World Report, Newsweek, and Science Today. In black, white, and blue, these small films were salvaged from the Dana Hall Library after Michofiche readers became obsolete… to the delight of installation artists everywhere.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Jan 5

Today I cut and arranged black and white photographs of everyday moments in my studio into geometric patterns. The photographs consist of the moments/ materials that inspire me in my practice. Within the geometric pyramid form are the textures of steel wool, twist ties, black paint, notebook lines, the screen from my studio chair, and the river outside my studio.   

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

I keep thinking of Mel Bochner’s work, Surface Dis/Tension, 1968. A photograph of a grid the artist soaked in water that then re-photographed as a spatial distortion. This experiment grew from photographs taken in his studio of ephemeral installations like the textures I’ve utilized from my own studio. 

Mel Bochner, Surface Dis/ Tension, 1968

I hopped in a van of Studio drawing students for a trip to salvage materials. The students collected books for a notebook project and I found an old workbook for photography techniques with some irresistible diagrams.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

And the indispensable Mr. Frassinlini sequestered these ninety-eight year old Lantern slides used by the Dana Hall Science department long ago…


Jan 6

Today I took text with the largest font from the Times microfiche films. Listing a mixture of advertisements and headlines together the decontextualized language morphs into new combinations. These new groupings use language as a found object and addresses phrases common to our everyday lives out of context.

FullSizeRender 10.jpg


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