Scattergood Moore Artist-in-Residence

Dana Hall School

Week 2

Jan 9

I began to outline how the sun moves light across the gallery throughout the day. Playing with the Microfiche films and how they reflect light in a grid-like pattern.



Jan 10

While looking at artists like Sol Lewitt and Mel Bochner and their approaches to seriality, I took my constructed photo project and tried to assign a greyscale to the various textures to create a table for a stop motion sequence. I’m interested in how these constructed photos could become self-referential and offer depth/light/ and texture to a moving image of the materials themselves.

FullSizeRender 13.jpgFullSizeRender 12.jpg

Jan 11

Mary Ann (photography teacher, here at Dana Hall) and I took out the lightbox to take a closer look at Lantern Slides from the Science department years ago. Perfect for the constructed photography project students are working on from old slides.


I got to meet with some Dana Hall photography students and we talked about process and “painting with light”.

Jan 12

More mass production in the gallery today. 





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